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Message from Catherine....

I have a question for you....

     If you were to listen in on new caller leads your receptionist was handling, would you smile with satisfaction listening to her professionally credential you and book the consultation or….would you cringe hearing her lose the callers and hurt your image all at the same time?

     Just by fixing your phones, your front desk staff can easily convert 30% more callers to consultations and what’s that worth to you? 

Check out the example in the graph >>>>
Unfortunately, lost calls happen more often than you know so, here are 3 things you can do fix this area of your practice…

- Get the right person answering your phones
- Get them professionally trained with proven scripts that convert 30% more callers
- Hold your staff accountable by recording and reviewing your calls

Let me know how helpful the 5 Phone Fixes Guide is, and if you need additional help. Enjoy!
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